Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Full set of my collection ( MIFW 2007)

Trend Asia 2008-Ready To Wear Collection

( e-volving heritage " BAJU MELAYU")

Transformation- design feature, sillhoutte and its basic goemetric shape to a new look. long before and till now ,BAJU MELAYU is a malay male attire for formal ocassions ,weddings ceremony,festive season and other specify needs.

To its original form,shape and sillhoutte, BAJU MELAYU main featured;-

1) "Cekak Musang" is collar and placket,

2)"kekek" is a small 31/2"X31/2" square shape,

3)"pesak" is a 4 side panels trapeze in

4)3 pockets (1 left chest pocketand 2 wrist pocket which sized bigger than chest pocket
in rectangular with smooth curve at bottom corner edge) shape.

5)bodice a long rectangularshape folded at shoulder

6)2 sleeves in mirrored trapeze.


It's basic triangular,trapeze and rectangular shape which been metaphormosized to fitted design features pertaining the look of CEKAK MUSANG collar,Placket and 3-pockets and combined with other feminine sillhoutte,shaped,fitted,exagerated details and stylized.

...more write-up will be added to my collection description based on my research.

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