Friday, September 20, 2013


Alhamdullilah, syukur kehadrat ALLAH, setelah sabar menunggu.. Akhirnya.... kedai utk kali ke-2 dlm sejarah perniagaan saya bakal menemui pelanggan. I am missing so much with this creative and challenging work! 

Esok 21 Sept 2013,  me and my team ( lina- my wife) akan memulakan semula ADNAN HASSAN.  dengan semangat dan doa  semua, sy akan  meneruskan bidang yg sgt2 mencabar dan penuh ketelitian ini.. INSYAALAH kami akan lakukan yg terbaik dan bersungguh2 utk kali ini. Peluang meletakkan jenama-


adalah sesuatu yg sgt berharga! Dan pula lokasi kami berpusat di 1 stop centre wedding mall- 
infinity wedding mall.. Yg terletak ditepi  JALAN LOKE YEW , KL diharap dapat menyediakan lagi satu harapan dan pilihan utk semua yg sedang mencari2 designer utk wedding dan sbgnya..

*sentuhan saya kali ini pasti berbeza... Kena cuba tu... I'm so excited!!!

1) custom-made DESIGN for bridal outfit  ( modern, contemporary and traditional ) /     
    Evening dresses.

2) WEDDING design direction consultation - theme : color, material and total look!
    -selalunya bakal pengantin dan keluarga pening utk cari konsep/ tema majlis, sy akan  memberi   
       consultation  idea, tema & konsep keseluruhan  majlis mengikut bajet yg  dirancang  agar majlis
       impian menjadi kenyataan dan kenangan terindah seumur hidup anda.

 Hubungi  ( call/ sms/ whatsapp) saya dulu utk appointment: 0162203050
See you!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


In designing fashion for bride's, I will always give my best effort and skills to design new design speciallly for my customer..No 2nd same design..guaranteed..Unless u really need and want the design u admire with.. but , as designer ii want you look different on your big day!!! really different.. that is my promise!!!.
We ( me and you) will blend our idea and interest for something special and satisfaction guaranteed to you and me..because this is very important!!, your history.
Please take note,
No matter your body type is? No matter your skin colour is? No matter your material is?
I will make your dream come true.. Yes it is. Nothing imposible!!
but please... don't ask me to make u thinner/slimmer.. Yes.. visually in design...not to wear design from supermodel on fashion spread add..or designer's collection on magazine u look from!!!
Why???? because you're special.. so this is my job to make you look special on your wedding day.Hahaha... some of my customer( big size) came to me.. and said.." I come here coz my freind recomendation".. oic.. I said. "Why???" because you know how to make us look pretty without asking us to go for diet and come back later if you are slim" she said.
For me, no harm to ask me.. or ask any designers for making-up your wedding garment..if you want to know more about my services-INSYAALLAH, any enquiries for my price and services will be asked in shortly via e-mail.. or just call/sms me..
 WHATSAPP  📲 +60 16 220 3050 

I am bridal designer

Design Illustration above : 2 different blouse/top/ ( contemporary baju kurung and modern kebaya) worn with same set ( corset and skirt). With me.. you can have an option varieties of matches/separates to give you an extra benifits of your wedding outfits after your big function day..means, you can do recycle for other functions..we must do saving now.. rite?..hehehehe.. up to you..some of my customer want to keep them as memorable item that will be kept for their generation and so on..and some of them, want it to be wearable and practical for another function if the size still on same measurement,hehehehe..So.. it is your choice.come to me and we will discuss about that.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ADNAN HASSAN-wedding planner services

My wedding planner services...decoration includes Pelamin ( the stage for bride and groom) table setting, bride's room, hall, staircase, Arch-entrance , cutting cake table with cup cakes deco. Fresh flowers are the main pointfor this decoand its arranged for every corner at this house..Theme for this wedding is garden and color is lilac and light purple with some green and white.
This concept is catered/specialized design for a house ( bungalow) for a day ( 12noon to 4pm), perfect choice of colour helps by the shiny daylight.. calming and soothing ambiance.